There are three basic types of shrinkage around a scale or cash register namely: Sweet Hearting, staff negligence and Transaction Manipulation

Sweet Hearting and Staff Negligence : Sweet Hearting is the term given to actions by an individual to pilfer by not scanning/ringing all items up within a shopping basket, as he/she knows the person that is shopping within the outlet. This method of pilfering is still the most prolific method used within South Africa as it is extremely difficult to detect, as the risk to the pilferer is virtually zero and very difficult to detect.

Transaction Manipulation :This method normally includes a syndicate operating within the retail outlet and requires cooperation from Floor Supervisors and cashiers. The modus- operandi is to utilize the built-in functions of POS systems such as Voids, Refunds, Subtracts, Cancels and Recover Transactions to pilfer from the retail outlet.

The pane on the left identifies all incidents found by the video auditing center. The pane on the top right identifies the cash register printout whilst the bottom right hand pane identifies what the video auditor has found during the video auditing process. By selecting the specific incident recorded in the left pane the video and data is loaded and played back making it possible to have all relevant information on hand at disciplinary hearings.


To provide reliable and more secure system for Indonesian Banks especially ATM’s, to avoid compromising the communication channel is achieved by using techniques as described below:

  • Electronic ‘jamming’ of the ATM by using various techniques
  • Destroying the alarm hardware
  • Sabotaging detection peripherals
  • Any other things that cannot be mention one by one in details

It is the criminals are ‘undetected’ by the detectors and once inside the cubicle to destroy the alarm panel without the transmitter being able to send any signals out.

understood that prior to entering the ATM cubicle, electronic ‘jamming’ is enabled in order that

Due to the speed of the criminal attackers, there are occasions where the panel has been destroyed before the Alarm transmitter has had time to make a response to the Bank or Police.

Whilst CellSecure provide a ‘polling action’ via SMS (to check the status or to send information to several list of people) and on top of that CellSecure also provide live monitoring 24 hours in our cental monitoring centre, which has Alarm gateway system so in any case of intruder detected on the specific device/specific ATM’s then the screen will pop up automatically in the big screen monitor.

Schematic diagram as used in South Africa for reference

Schematic diagram as used in Indonesia for reference