Based on BPS-Statistic Indonesia’s data (Sub directorate of Political and Security) :

“in 2013 there were 342,084 crime cases in Indonesia and in every 1 minute 32 seconds, one crime occurred in Indonesia. Means, out of 100,000 people in Indonesia, 140 people are at risk of being exposed to crime (crime rate).

Three years later (2016) the number of criminal acts increased to 357,197 cases and in 1 minute 28 seconds one crime occurred”.

Numbeo.com ( a crowd-sourced global database of quality of life informations) :

“in 2015, Indonesia was ranked 68th out of 147 countries. And in 2018, Indonesia is ranked 52nd out of 115 countries with a safety index of 55.28 and a crime rate of 44.72”.

With increasing rate of crime over Indonesia, it is very critical to have safe and reliable security system and monitoring in your organization or company. It is even more important to have security systems than cannot easily be tempered with and it is centralized 24 hours monitoring.